Home Insulation Costs

Home Insulation Cost

How much does home insulation costs?

Insulating your home efficiently is an excellent way to reduce your home energy bills and ensure your home maintains a nice consistent temperature year-round.  But what is the price of home insulation?

Home insulation costs will vary for each household, depending on what type of insulation your home needs. With a range of services available you may be looking for attic insulation cost, external wall insulation cost, or the price of spray foam insulation.

The price of the job will be dependant on a number of different variables. For example, if you are looking to get spray foam insulation installed in your home, the following will have to be identified to price the job.


  • What type of spray foam is needed for your property
  • What size is the property and area that needs to be treated?
  • How accessible is the area that needs to be treated? Does it need scaffolding or extra time?
  • How much spray-foam insulation needs to be installed?

All of these factors plus more need to be analysed and considered before the job can be priced. Luckily Home Works Insulation offers FREE home visits to analyse your property and quote for the job


Insulation prices


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SEAI Grants

Another factor for home owners to consider is, are you eligible for the SEAI home insulation grant? If you home was build before 2011, they you are entitled to get some funding from the government to put towards the installation of the material. Check out our GRANTS webpage for more information and to find out how to apply today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Average cost to insulate a house? / House insulation prices? All houses will be very different prices, please reach out to arrange a free home consultation & quote.
    • Insulation costs? This will depend on what service you need, the quantity of product, and the accessibility of the area. 
    • Insulation cost per m2/ sq ft?  This will depend on how much product is needed for the area and also how accessable is the area. If scaffolding or extra time is needed it may increase the cost. 
    • Home attic insulation costs? – The attic of your home will likely be treated with spray foam insulation. The price will therefore depend on the quantity of material used and ease of access. 

    Please reach out for a free home consultation or to answer any questions you may have!