Is spray foam insulation worth it?

Spray Foam Insulation is becoming more and more popular in Irish homes, however, we keep seeing people ask the same questions when it comes to insulating their homes.

Is spray foam insulation worth it? Is it worth the financial investment? After reading this article I have no doubt you will have the information you need to be able to answer that question for yourself. A simple Yes/No answer doesn’t quite cut it here, as it’s important to understand WHY you are considering getting spray foam insulation in the first place.

Home Insulation

If you are considering getting spray foam insulation for your home to help with heat retention and make your home more comfortable, the chances are YES it will be an investment that is very likely to be beneficial for you now, and in years to come. To make it better SEAI Insulation Grants are available to Irish Home Owners if their home was built before 2011 which will cover a significant part of the installation.

Spray Foam Insulation is a great insulation product, offering benefits like:

  • Holds heat better than fibreglass,
  • Long lasting & reliable
  • It is a clean product to install and maintain 
  • Saves you significantly each month on your home energy bill, as much as 50%!

Is spray foam insulation safe?

Yes absolutely. E-zero E 500 is the spray foam insulation is the product used by Home Works Insulation for residential properties. E-zero E 500 insulation requires a vent card. This is a breathable card that is rigid enough hold insulation, while also being permeable to water. This allows water vapour to leave the building while still maintaining strong insulation property.

E-zero E 500 is a the very safe product, passing all of Ireland rigorous testing processes. It is Irish standards approved.

Industrial Insulation

If you are looking to insulate your industrial premises, ask yourself what will this building be used for. Will it hold stock or is it likely to hold people or offices? If your building is going to hold people in it, then investing in spray foam insulation will be a great call. Insulating this will help to maintain heat & reduce heating bills. Large industrial buildings will usually require closed-cell spray foam.  Alternatively, if you have large premises that will not hold people, it may not be worth getting spray foam.

So, Is spray foam insulation worth it?

This will be very individual & depend massively on your needs. If you are looking to increase heat & comfort and reduce your home heating bills then YES. However there are many other forms of insulation available, and it is important to find the most suitable product for you.

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