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Mobile Home Insulation: Why It Matters & What to Consider


Mobile Homes are becoming increasingly popular in Ireland due to their affordability in this housing crisis. Although mobile homes are cost-effective means of buying a home, they can be a lot less energy efficient. This then results in higher energy bills.  Mobile home insulation is more important than ever.


Luckily, you can take many steps to make your mobile home more energy efficient, and insulation is the top choice. In this post, we will show you the importance of property insulating your mobile, why it matters and what to consider when you decide to invest in insulation.


Why mobile home insulation is important

Although mobile homes are a cost-effective way of acquiring a home, they are often a lot less energy efficient than standard blockwork houses.  Thin structures allow heat to escape quicker. Heat can be lost through the floor, roof, walls and any areas where drafts can enter the home.

If you are living in our Irish climate insulation will be essential for regulating temperatures. Without proper insulation, the home can quickly become too cold, or can also be too warm in the summer months. Severe temperatures like this can lead to discomfort for residents and higher energy bills due to the need for home heating.

Types of insulation for mobile homes


There are many types of insulation available and suitable for mobile homes. To understand which type of insulation is best for your home it is advised to get a consultation or speak to an insulation specialist who will be able to identify where your home is losing heat and make recommendations. You can book a free consultation by clicking HERE.


From our experience working with mobile homes in Ireland, 90% of the time we will recommend spray foam insulation. This is because unlike other insulation materials, spray foam expands when installed creating an air-tight seal in your home. It also blocks any cavities and crevis that may be letting drafts into your home.
Spray foam is commonly used as underfloor insulation on mobile homes where a lot of heat tends to escape. Depending on your home it may also be suitable on the ceilings, or a combination of both.


Tips for insulating your mobile home.

Insulation is a very specialised job. If you are considering getting your home insulated we highly recommend speaking to a professional. It is important to know what materials are suitable and safe. So it is recommended to look for a highly-rated installer who has worked with mobile homes before, as the process will be different from standard house insulation.


At Home Works Insulation, we have worked on numerous vehicles and mobile homes to help our customers achieve better U-values. We offer a range of services and will work with you to recommend and supply only the most suitable material for your needs. Our specialist team will ensure your home is taken care of and insulated to a high standard, so you can relax and enjoy reduced home heating bills and increased home comforts.
We’ll Treat Your Home Like We Treat Our Own.


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