Cavity Wall Insulation


Cavity wall insulation is installed by injecting insulation material into the cavity from the outside. When it comes to injecting your cavities, be it in a new build or retrofit you will have the highest performing insulator for your cavities.

A slow pour liquid foam is injected into the cavity and then expands slowly filling the cavity rising up the wall internally completely filling the whole area.

Cavity foam injection is more expensive than blown-in insulation as it produces far better results. Blown-in systems rely on a sticky adhesive to keep everything in place. A blown-in system will be just blowing around in the cavity and won’t perform as well as cavity injection foam.

Our slow pour cavity injection system ticks all the boxes. It expands to 200 times its size internally in the cavity forcing its way into every crack, gap and void in an attempt to get out of the confined space its injected into. The results are amazing with your cavity filled with a solid wall of thermal foam insulation that’s water resistant so that water from outside can’t get in.

To carry out any cavity system of work, holes will have to be drilled into the cavity in a strategically and measured diamond pattern, ensuring every cavity area is filled. Thus, leaving visible small holes that will require post works restoring by filling and painting etc. This is minimal and very simple in terms of restoring the walls back to their natural state. This only applies to existing homes and buildings. New builds can be injected from inside prior to plastering and slabbing.

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