Dry Lining  internal wall insulation. Dry lining insulation

Internal Insulation 

Dry Lining is an internal insulation material fitted inside the house. This type of insulation helps retain heat by preventing heat from escaping through the walls.

Dry lining material comes in a variety of thicknesses, depending on how much protection is required for the home. Standard products are between 9.5mm and 12.5mm.

Internal Insulation is particularly useful for homes built with solid walls, where cavity wall insulation is not possible. It is also a great alternative to external insulation in certain circumstances, as it allows the homeowner to keep any stone/brick effects in place.

If your home is built before 1940, it is likely to have solid walls. Solid walls homes lose significantly more heat through the walls, up to 30%! Installing dry lining insulation will significantly reduce your home heating bills by retaining heat. It will also reduce the walls’ dampness because it acts as a protective barrier to the external walls.


Installation is quick and easy, however, because dry lining insulation is installed on the home’s inside walls, rooms will have to be prepared for the job. This will include disconnecting radiators, skirting boards, window boards, holding, and manoeuvring furniture to make every wall accessible. In addition, some work may have to be done following the installation. New window boards, electrical extensions, and plastering and painting may be required.

A job assessment will enable our expert teams to advise on what needs to be done in preparation. For extra heat retention, you can combine this with attic insulation.

How much does internal insulation cost?

The price of insulation will depend on the area you are looking to service and the material used. Contact us today to arrange a quote and schedule your job.

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