Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation comes in 2 forms, open cell spray foam & closed cell spray foam.

Open Cell Spray Foam

Open cell spray foam is a two-component formula that is heated and pumped through a reactor resulting in foam cells that expand rapidly to over 200 times their size allowing it to fill up every crack, gap and void which creates an airtight seal on the building envelope preventing heat loss and regulating the temperature. This rapid and massive expansion it creates causes the formation of soft flexible foam cells that are ‘’permeable’’ so the product can ‘’breath’’.


Spray foam insulation

Benefits to Open Cell Spray Foam include:

  • Conserve Energy

Hearing and cooling account for 50 to 70 per cent of the energy consumed in an average home. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are leading causes of this energy waste. Even homes with fibreglass insulation may have gaps around window frames, pipes, vents and other areas that permit air leakage. The foam actually outperforms fibreglass insulation; it air seals the home, conserving energy and boosting the efficiency of heating systems and air conditioners. The result is lowered heating/cooling bills.

  • Stop Drafts

Poor insulation can leave your home draftee with uncomfortable temperature variations. Foam insulation works to eliminate unwanted drafts and maintain a uniform interior temperature year-round.

  • Blocks out Insects and other Rodents

Foam expands to fill cracks and gaps that insects and other rodents could use to gain entry to your home.

  • Add Value When Renovating

If your renovating – whether it’s building an extension, a room addition or upgrading new windows, adding more insulation during renovation is key. Today’s prospective buyers are concerned with increasing energy costs and place a high value on energy-efficient homes.

  • Get more ‘’Peace and Quiet’’

Foam insulation is an effective barrier to noise. It limits the amount of external noise that can permeate your home. Internally it also acts as a great barrier for acoustic insulation between rooms and in the ceiling joists that separate the ground floor from the first floor for footfall.


Closed Cell Spray Foam


Closed cell Spray Foam is ideal for any building or structure that needs a rigid, strong, life lasting insulation.

The cells in this foam are tightly compacted and remain intact. So with closed cell foam, the foam doesn’t expand as much when sprayed and as a result the cell structures trap expansion cells in their cell walls forever.

Because of this remarkable ability, closed cell foam has different physical properties to an open cell foam.

Closed cell is mainly used in commercial, industrial and agricultural settings where a layer of closed cell foam is applied to the interior walls.


This will reduce heating and cooling costs while eliminating drips and condensation, stopping drafts and leaks completely.

Applying spray foam will seal off holes in sheds up to the diameter of a pen. Will seal screw holes and loose joints also adding structural integrity to the building.

It will also improve sound and air quality within the shed, while keeping it warmer during the cold months and cooler during the warm months.

  • Effectively waterproof and vapour barrier
  • Can be sprayed underfloor or under screed
  • Smoother more aesthetic finish when sprayed
  • Ideal for spraying around water pipes and tanks that are buried underground
  • Better thermal performance compared to open cell requiring less depth
  • Denser and harder foam, you can walk on top of closed cell foam
  • Increased structural integrity
  • Effective air barrier

How much does spray foam insulation cost?
The cost of spray foam insulation will depend on the size of the area, the type of foam used, and the amount of time it will take to complete the job. Contact us today to get a quote for your home by phone or by filling in the contact form below.

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