Underfloor Insulation – Spray Foam U-values

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Laser levelled underfloor spray applied radon barrier insulation is applied to the subfloor of any home or building before a finishing screed is poured.

This is a closed-cell hard foam product that bonds permanently to the floor with high compressive strength making it suitable to withstand the weight of a finish screed without cracking. The speed of application makes it twice as fast as compared to conventional rigid board insulation.

It goes down as a uniform layer where we follow a laser level set to the desired depth of insulation making sure upon finish that our product is level across the entire area of floor application, leaving a finish to plus or minus half an inch.

Key difference, when compared to rigid board insulation, is this product offers more benefits than rigid board simply can’t. A rigid board is a brittle board that breaks easily often laid directly onto an un-level subfloor with most being out 2-3 inches from one side of the room to the other. Once a heavy screed goes down, giving the imbalance this causes the boards to crack and split, running the potential then for your finish floors to crack and split down the line.

Rigid boards also have gaps and joints running the risk of cold bridging. Spray foam outperforms as it’s a uniform layer having more structural strength. It can wrap around pipes and cable pipes going across a floor being able to get into the hardest to reach areas leaving no gaps or cracks anywhere.

Spray foam is an installed product and a much smoother process from start to finish. You wont have all the measuring and cutting as this turns out to be very time consuming and tedious, or the whole process with board insulation that involves purchasing, transporting and storing it all on site.

Give Home Works Insulation a call, sit back and let us do the rest.

In terms of taking into account the cost benefits and install service of this product, you must remember that this also acts as a Radon Barrier.

Finally once all the spraying is done we run a floor grinder over the whole floor to level out any bumps or blemishes that can be seen, leaving you with a floor level to plus or minus half an inch.

There has been a huge success with this system all across Ireland and Europe. Feel free to ask any questions you may have or forward your construction plans to homeworksinsulation@gmail.com for a free quote.

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